Lot 187

Price Realized:  $99
CD 380 E.S.A. 212 {Spain}, Aqua; Smaller than a Hemingray-42!
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Lot 187: CD 380 E.S.A. 212 {Spain}  Color: Aqua  Description: A little scuffing from use on the lines. Esperanza S.A. offered a complete line of telecommunication and power insulators. Over 30 styles have been attributed to this company which was located in Segovia, Spain. They are embossed either ESPERANZA S.A. or E.S.A. (the S.A. refers to a type of business corporation.) A cute little multi-part power piece, no taller than a Hemingray-42! (#0939)
Estimate: $60 - $75  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $99

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