Lot 171

Price Realized:  $143
CD 219 HEMINGRAY-660 / LOWEX, Off Clear w/ Treated Top; Tough Hemingray variant!
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Lot 171: CD 219 HEMINGRAY-660 / LOWEX  Color: Off Clear w/ Treated Top  Description: The treated top insulators probably came out of the Hemingray dump, and there is some associated minor etching and a few little pings. Overall in great condition for one of these dump pieces! The saddle and the pinhole were treated with a semi-conductive material that was believed to have been designed to reduce radio frequency interference. Produced in 1940. This treatment was applied to Hemingray's 600-series of CD 219-660, CD 220-670, CD 221-680. The treatment apparently had little success, because few if any were put into service. See lot 170 for another insulator in this series! (#0955)
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $143

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