Lot 102

Price Realized:  $688
CD 151 H.G.CO., Milky Aqua w/ Pepper Specks; Gunky and crude with great impurities!
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Lot 102: CD 151 H.G.CO.  Color: Milky Aqua w/ Pepper Specks  Description: 4-drip wide and 3-drip wide scallop bruises, a rear skirt and a wire ridge flake, both on the rear, otherwise very good condition. Stunning milky swirls and cascades with black "pepper specks" can be seen throughout the glass. Heavy concentrations can be seen on the front skirt, and a large band runs down from the top of the pinhole in the rear. If you want to "get milk," get milk with some added character! (#4611)
Estimate: $600 - $700  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $688

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