Lot 46

Price Realized:  $209
CD 121 W.F.G.CO., Yellowy Green; Hard to find color! Another one of the best Denvers!
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Lot 46: CD 121 W.F.G.CO.  Color: Yellowy Green  Description: Base bruise and flake from the left mold line to under the "R". There is a sand-blasting effect on the rear decreasing in severity as you go towards the front, where the glass is shiny. There is none of this on the top of the dome, the wire groove, or the base. This could be from natural wear in a sandy and windy environment. One can see some amber blending in the skirt and dome that enhances the color. Green is the toughest color for W.F.G.CO. tolls; what an outstanding piece for your toll collection! (#0487)
Estimate: $750 - $1,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $209

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