Lot 40

Price Realized:  $352
CD 121 W.F.G.CO., "Popsicle Purple" w/ Swirly Bubbles; Bubbles make it sparkle!
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Lot 40: CD 121 W.F.G.CO.  Color: "Popsicle Purple" w/ Swirly Bubbles  Description: Base flake, 1" skirt fracture in rear, otherwise VNM. The fracture can barely be seen and is just a thin line in the middle of the piece slightly to the right of the left side of the "6" as seen in view 2. The darker line about two thirds around the insulator is just an odd reflection that appeared during photographing it and the triangle shaped area on the far lower left is just the result of a little cold pour. This insulator was auctioned over 20 years ago and was described as "Popsicle Purple". We would put it in the "Lavender" range but it's hard to pin down the specific color. There are elongated microbubbles in the skirt and dome, making the insulator sparkle! (#0438)
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $352

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