Lot 185

Price Realized:  $66
CD 257 HEMINGRAY // No 60, Aqua w/ Amber Swirling; Complete with lead liner?!
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Lot 185: CD 257 HEMINGRAY // No 60  Color: Aqua w/ Amber Swirling  Description: A base flake affects two drips, another base flake affects one drip, flake under the ear at the mold line. This popular insulator has pronounced amber swirling in the ears and some in the skirt. It's especially unusual, as it has a lead liner, perhaps designed to thread onto a bolt rather than the standard 1" pin. See lot 184 for another "Green" Mickey Mouse with even more green! (#7586)
Estimate: $175 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $66

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