Lot 173

Price Realized:  $165
CD 155 KERR DP1 Clear w/ Cobalt Blue Streak; An after-hours project!
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Lot 173: CD 155 KERR DP1  Color: Clear w/ Cobalt Blue Streak  Description: "VVNM. The Cobalt Blue streak worms its way around the dome and down into the skirt! Andrew Gibson writes: ""In 1972, Calvin Cobb, Sr., a friend of insulator collector Don Wentzel, was instrumental in a project to make the "cobalt splotch" Kerr DP1 at the Kerr factory in Millville. The cobalt splotches were made in the middle of a clear glass run, adding cobalt frit directly to the feeder. Insulators produced later in the run had only cobalt wisps, as the workers needed to prepare for real production to resume. In all, between 125 and 150 cobalt splotches were probably made. (from Web: www.insulators.info/wiki)" (#5202)
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $165

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