Lot 170

Price Realized:  $2,475
CD 317 CHAMBERS Bright Lime Green w/ Milky Swirls ; Great color!
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Lot 170: CD 317 CHAMBERS  Color: Bright Lime Green w/ Milky Swirls  Description: VVNM. The wire groove is perfect; we can't find anything wrong with this piece! The area above the pinhole looks like a "snowglobe" with bubbles and black specs. There is a nice wide streak of milk in the skirt. Most people associate this "candlestick" with building lightning protection systems; however, Josephus C. Chambers also patented other uses for this insulator: to insulate metallic roof cresting from the building, to electrically isolate oil tanks from fire or lightning, and to protect telegraph lines from electrical strikes. See lot 10 for a really dark candlestick! (#8033)
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $2,475

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