Lot 128

Price Realized:  $319
CD 164 STAR, Yellow Green; HUGE UFO!
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Lot 128: CD 164 STAR  Color: Yellow Green  Description: Base repairs of a small skirt chip and several shallow flakes, small inner skirt chip. The damage doesn't detract from the enormous UFO at the front wire ridge. The UFO is 3/4 inch in diameter and probably 1/2 inch deep. When you look closely, it looks like white crystals growing out of a black rock. You can see the close-up in the first photo, but view 2 shows the entire front of the insulator so you can see how well-centered the rock is! Some STARs have a little gunk and some snow, but this one is way off the charts! (#6708)
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $319

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