Bill and Jill Insulators Auction 161

Auction closed April 14, 2024

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Bill and Jill Auction [number] insulators
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Auction #161 AprilApr 2024
Get ready for the thrill of the season with Auction 161! It's a feast for insulator enthusiasts! Picture this: 186 lots, prices ranging from a pocket-friendly $40 to a collector's dream of $4,000. We've got the rarest of the rare CDs, like the CD 173 Brookfield, CD 229.6 Fry Glass, CD 102.4 New England Tel, CD 199 "Emerald," and a whole array of others.

But that's not all! Brace yourself for a burst of colors that will make your collection pop. Imagine a mesmerizing cobalt blue with amber swirls CD 123 EC&M, green/olive/amber CD 151 HGCO, a regal purple duo with CD 162 HGCO, a sunshine yellow olive green CD 145 American, and a recent discovery - a dark green CD 133 "1871" style 2!

Hold on, there's more to adore. Favorites like the amber-hued CD 154 Dominions, the amber allure of CD 214 Telegraphos, the refreshing 7-up green CD 214 Hemingray, the iconic "Big mouth" CD 128.4, and the timeless CD 1110 BEL.Co. These are just the tip of the iceberg - a colorful and desirable array of insulators awaits you, catering to every price range!

This auction is not just an event; it's an experience you don't want to miss! An opportunity to enrich your collection with some true gems awaits.

Auction #160 OctoberOct 2023
Get ready for an electrifying auction experience like no other! We're thrilled to present to you a treasure trove of rare and coveted insulators that will make any collector's heart race with excitement.

First up, brace yourself for the star of the show: a pristine CD 123 EC&M in Cobalt, gleaming like it just rolled off the factory line! But that's just the beginning of the jaw-dropping lineup. Feast your eyes on an impressive array of threadless wonders, including the majestic CD 790 "Large Teapot" and the towering CD 736.7 "Jumbo Pilgrim Hat." And let's not forget the classics like CD 735 Chester and CD 737 Lefferts that will leave insulator aficionados in awe.

But wait, there's more! Prepare to be dazzled by an assortment of rare gems, from the elusive CD 135.5 ERW to the iconic Hemingray CD 186.1 and CD 186.2. And for those craving something truly unique, how about an unembossed CD 270 to add a dash of mystery to your collection?

And it doesn't stop there. We've scoured the globe to bring you a kaleidoscope of colorful signals and beehives, including the mesmerizing CD 196 HGCO in Blue with Milk Swirls. Plus, get your hands on coveted classics like the legendary Harlow Helmet and the charming pinch-eared California CD 260.

But wait, there's more! Dive into a treasure trove of Denver tolls, beehives galore, and power pieces that will leave you breathless. Highlights include the rare CD 258 Cable in Emerald Green and the mighty CD 254 HEMINGRAY No 63 CABLE, guaranteed to be the crown jewel of any collection.

And for the collectors who crave the unique and unexpected, we've got you covered. From a one-of-two-known Dunton Tree Bracket to a mesmerizing Emerald Green chunk of glass, prepare to be delighted by the unexpected treasures that await.

But that's not all! Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Roc Railroad & Shay Glass Company as you marvel at these historic relics of a bygone era.

So don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Join us for an unforgettable auction experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement from start to finish.

Auction #159 MarchMar 2023
This auction features a nice selection of items in all categories!
Auction #158 OctoberOct 2022
This auction features a great selection of items including a CD 257 jade electric blue, swirled electric blue and green w/ amber swirls; CD 145's including an America in mustard yellow, HGCo's in amber, pea soup, and depression green; CD 162s including a Hemingray in true yellow and a smooth base in green; a large assortment of CD 106 Hemingray; power including CD 140 and 269 JUMBOs, CD 307, and CD 281 in Carnival; CD 701.6 "Confederate egg" in translucent Aqua; CD 740.1 Bubbly, snowy Aqua; CD 143 Montreal in Green; uncommon CDs such as CD 113.2 DUQUESNE and CD 110.6 "Large Corkscrew"; an assortment of foreign glass and porcelain insulators; Hickock's LRI, L.S. Brach radio strain w/ a cobalt streak; go-withs such as a 22 lb chuck of opalescent glass and a wooden duplex pin. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #157 JulyJul 2022
This auction features a nice grouping of interesting and colorful insulators. Threaded, threadless, Canadian, foreign, and more!
Auction #156 AprilApr 2022
This auction features a killer duo of an Emerald Green and Blackglass CD 123 ECM, several Boston's including an amazing CD 158 in Amber, a purple CD 126 "blobtop", a great pair of CD 110.6 large corkscrews in Green and Blue, an outstanding group of California two-tones and blue and milk swirls, CD 110 and CD 150 "Barclay" patent styles, several CD 121 WFG's including the desirable Teal one, a selection of "JUMBO" and NEGM power pieces, and... Well you get the idea! In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #155 SeptemberSep 2021
This auction features a great selection of great insulators. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #154 JuneJun 2021
This auction features a great selection of rare CDs and some high end color. Lots include a CD 791 "Baby Teapot", CD 268 Crown, CD 207.2 (only two known), CD 204 Locke, CD 260 Cal "Helmet" in peach with blue swirling in the ears, CD 257 "Mickey" in electric blue in amazing condition and amazing color, CD 164 HGCO in purple, CD 110.6 "Large Corkscrew" in green, CD 120 in purple, a huge selection of CD 102 ponies, including the rare purple/blue two tone, a grouping of CD 121 tolls, CD 162 Westinghouse, CD 110.5 with straight-line embossing, both dome variants of the CD 139.9 McLaughlin, a stunning CD 155 RYT in emerald green, the Pyrex set CD 233, 234, and 235 in carnival and... far too many to list! For the porcelain collector we have a U-394 {Pittsburg} with the original paper in the pinhole, a U-928 Thomas in brown and a U-202. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #153 OctoberOct 2020
This auction features a great selection of items such as a full set of the four Chambers pieces including the rare CD 124.5 and CD 317.5, an amazing CD 257 in Jade Electric Blue as well as an Jade Aqua one, the rare CD 115.1 and CD 603.1, a nice selection of CD 102s including colorful Diamond ponies and the hard to fine WESTINGHOUSE and SO.MASS.TEL.CO. embossings, many CD 143s, 145s, 162s, a grouping of some threadless, a CD 124.2 that was just recently dug, a grouping of power pieces including an amazing CD 308 No 100 in Green w/ Amber Swirls, some colorful pieces from Poland and Russia, a wide selection of Special Issue insulators and go-withs. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #152 SeptemberSep 2019
This auction features a great selection of over 235 lots including some rare CDs: CD 268 STANDARD, CD 145.6 BOSTON, CD 181 "Pluto", CD 299 BROOKFIELD, SI 145 BROOKFIELD salesman sample, CD 132.4 CHAMBERS in amazing condition; great color: CD 257 HEMINGRAY in Electric Blue (virtually mint!), CD 162 HEMINGRAY in True Yellow, CD 149 "Burbrook" in Yellow Green, CD 472 in Amber; CD 120 {Wormser style} in Purple, a nice selection of colored CD 145 N.E.G.M.'s and CD 252 cables; a sampling of CD 160s including the hard to find O.V.G.CO; a large selection of colorful foreign pieces; two amazing go-withs: a 16" tall articulated "action figure" Telephone Lineman and a 22" tall scale model telephone pole. Of course, we also have a wide range of collectible insulators in all price ranges.
Auction #151 DecemberDec 2018
This auction features a great diversity of items such as CD 736.7, CD 731 Tillotson in Sapphire, CD 728.7 Oakman, CD 134 {Oakman style} Glowing 7-up Green, CD 114.2 Standard, CD 134 T-H.E. CO. in Amber, CD 158 Boston, CD 158.2 Boston, CD 110.6 National, CD 127 W.U. Pattern and many more colorful and diverse gems. For the porcelain collector, we have an amazing grouping including U-982 {Bennington}, U-926C VICTOR {only one known}, M-2795 Locke, U-2087C "Red" T-Bar, U-184 Harloe and others. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #150 AprilApr 2018
This auction features a number of rare CDs such as CD 791 "Baby Teapot" in outstanding condition, CD 176 "Mushroom", CD 317.5 Chambers, CD 109 Chicago, CD 114.2 Standard; top shelf color: CD 158 Boston in Dark Yellow Amber, CD 723.3 in Sapphire Blue, CD 126 Brookfield in Teal, CD 164 H.G.CO. in Peacock Blue, CD 120 CEW in Purple, CD 158.2 Boston in Dark Teal Green, CD 287.1 Locke in Red Amber, CD 122 Hemingray in White Milk, CD 134 '1871' smooth base in Peacock Blue; a nice selection of CD 121 Tolls, CD 145 Americans, a rare H.G.CO. embossed CD 201. There will also be some amazing go-withs, including a working model of a GE Disconnect switch, a R.5050 substation busbar insulator and a corporate seal press. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!
Auction #149 MayMay 2017
This auction features some super rare items such as CD 141.9 Emminger's, CD 680 "T-Bar" in both Red Amber and Straw, a new discovery of the "inverted glass saucer", many threadless including a CD 737 Lefferts in Green, CD 736 N.Y. & E.R.R in Milky Aqua, CD 743.1 and CD 743.2, CD 126 W. BROOKFIELD in Mustardy Olive Green, CD 133.2 P & W in Blue Aqua w/ Massive Amber Streaks, CD 136 B&O/1871 in Glowing Depression Glass Green, a very unusual CD 133.1 PAT. APP. FOR in Translucent Jade Milk, a CD 301 solid pour, CD 206 "Castles" in Light Blue and Light Green, a nice selection of CD 121 Tolls including W.F.G.CO., R.Good, Hemingray, colorful CD 145 Americans, CD 162 Signals, CD 134 Diamond Ps, a nice group of Mexican pieces, two U-395 porcelain "Mickeys", two fantastic LRIs, a couple of porcelain enamel signs and many other pieces in all price ranges.
Auction #148 SeptemberSep 2015
This auction features great pieces such as CD 138.2 "Lawrence Gray", CD 141.7 "Twiggs", CD 138 Brookfield "Postal" in Gray, CD 123 EC&Ms in Deep Emerald Olive Green, Aurora Blue, and more, threadless including CD 732, 736.7, 738, 740 Foster Brothers, CD 137.5 {Hemingray}, many colored CD 162 signals including a TRUE Yellow one, salesman's samples including the rare CD 145 style Brookfield, CD 102 Diamond in Midnight Blue, CD 121 Brookfield in Dark Orange Amber, CD 121 C&P.Tel.Co in Yellow Green, CD 143 Dwight Pattern in Light Purple, CD 151 H.G.CO. in Peacock Blue and Cornflower Blue, CD 162.4 1678 in Yellow Olive Green, CD 191 "Denver" in Purple, CD 200 in Yellow Green, VTS Industrial Co. in Peacock Blue, a Cobalt Blue bushing, CD 110, 150 and 211 Brookfields, CD 160.6 Am.Tel.& Tel.Co., various CD 267 and 267.5s, CD 269 "Jumbos", a variety of Diamond Ps, U-980 and U-981 "Elliot" threadless, U-184 "Claw", a wide assortment of foreign pieces, two San Francisco trolley wooden insulators and many other pieces in all price ranges.
Auction #147 MarchMar 2015
This auction features rare CDs such as CD 176 "Mushroom", CD 158.1 Chester, CD 317.5 Chambers, CD 182 Dry Spot, CD 133.2 B.F.G., CD 127 in Deep Emerald Green, CD 109.5 Harloe "Claw", CD 735 Mulford & Biddle in near Cobalt, CD 206 "Castles" in Light Blue and Light Green, CD 145.6 and CD 158.2 Bostons, CD 110.6 "Large corkscrew", CD 162 H.G.CO. smooth base in Peacock and Amber, colorful Americans, Diamond Ps, Hemingrays, H.G.CO.s, and more, as well as a variety of foreign pieces including several T-bars and a "Spook", two San Francisco trolley wooden insulators, a great U-395 porcelain "Mickey" and many other pieces in all price ranges.
Auction #146 OctoberOct 2014
This auction features rare CDs such as CD 130.2 Milky Junky Seilers, CD 268.5 Standard Glass, CD 124.1 "1871", CD 124.5 Chambers, CD 316 Brookfield, and a CD 206 "Castle" top shelf color: CD 164 H.G.CO. Purple, CD 136.4 Olive Green, CD 123 EC&M Cobalt Blue, CD 221 Whitall Tatum Red Amber, CD 166.2 Deep Yellow Olive Green, CD 126.3 Light Yellow Olive Green; a previously unknown embossing on a CD 729.4; a great selection of colorful Denvers, Americans, 1871s, CD 162 Signals (including three smooth base HGCOs), CD 145 Beehives, CD 151's and more; awesome CD 257 Mickeys including an Electric Blue with Amber Swirls, Milky Aqua, and Emerald Green; some special CD 154s: CNR Peach, MIN COM Glowing Depression Glass Green, and Hemingray Carnival; A wide assortment of power pieces, especially CD 251-260, 267 and 267.5; special pieces including several early NIA commemoratives, a San Francisco trolley wooden insulator, a U-395 porcelain Mickey and a bronze paperweight of a bulldog and an insulator "guarding the lines".
Auction #145 MarchMar 2014
This auction features many rare CDs such as CD 123.2 Chester, CD 130.1 Cal Electric (in Cobalt Blue), CD 173 Brookfield, CD 226.3 B, CD 243 Hemingray, CD 182 Dry Spot, big and small Harloe "claws" as well as many other "top shelf" insulators, such as CD 114 Hemingray in Orange Amber, CD 200 California in Burgundy, CD 134 "1871" in Olive Green and Peacock Blue, the latter both with and without drips, CD 287.1 Locke in Red Amber, CD 196 O.V.G., CD 160.7 American in 7-up Green and many more! And, of course there will be a wide array of other colorful and desirable insulators.
Auction #144 FebruaryFeb 2014
This auction features a number of rare CDs such as CD 141.7 Twiggs, CD 158.9 Screw-top Boston, CD 119 O'Brien and CD 299.7 Lowex, as well as a number of American, Boston Bottle Works and Westinghouse insulators. There will also be many colorful CD 145's, 151's, and 162's. Also included are a very rare CD 164 H.G.CO. in Peacock Blue, CD 162 H.G.CO. in Green, CD 162 Hemingray in Dark Yellow Green with Smooth Base and CD 158.2 Boston in Dark Teal Green, as well as many others in a wide range of prices.
Auction #143 OctoberOct 2013
This auction features a number of rare CDs such as CD 181 "PLUTO", CD 268.5 STANDARD GLASS, CD 159 GREGORY, CD 114.2 STANDARD, and CD 203.2 ARMSTRONG; great color in CD 151 H.G.CO. Olive Green w/ Amber, CD 133 H.G.CO. in Orange Amber, CD 134 WESTINGHOUSE in Vibrant Blue; others such as several CD 317 CHAMBERS, CD 206 "Castle", and CD 154 MR HEMINGRAY. and many other pieces in all price ranges.